FLOWERS by NAKED-立春-は大盛況のうちに




2016年は、通算15万人の動員を達成し、Instagram にてハッシュタグ「#flowersbynaked」の投稿数は、アート展では異例の2万件超えを記録しました。2017年の「FLOWERS by NAKED」は「日本で一番早いお花見を、日本橋で。」をテーマにバージョンアップいたします。


Be the first to enjoy this year’s cherry blossoms—right here in Nihonbashi.

A total of 150,000 people came to the event in 2016, and a record number of posts were made on Instagram for the hashtag “#flowersbynaked”, counting in at more than 20,000, an unprecedented feat for an art exhibition.
This year, FLOWERS by NAKED 2017 will be on a bigger scale. The event theme will be: The first viewing of cherry blossoms this year—right here in Nihonbashi.

The event will open with Ohsai, an area based on a cherry blossom motif, and be abound with an array of floral digital art that will offer a sense that risshun, the first day of spring and the first of the twenty-four points in the Asian solar calendar, has arrived.

The venue will be filled with seasonal narratives and offer interactive appeal with the first spring storm and cherry blossom petals floating about. Fresh flowers, objects, video imagery, scents, and refreshments will be available for a new experience to bask in flowers through the five senses.

Latest Information-最新情報-


【FLOWERS by NAKED桜便り:この週末は東京タワーで桜づくし】




【FLOWERS by NAKED桜便り:この週末は東京タワーで桜づくし】 桜前線が過ぎ去り、少しずつ新緑が芽生え始めた桜の木。 葉桜もまた、違った魅力を感じますね。 まだまだお花見を楽しみたいと...







【FLOWERS by NAKED桜便り:この週末は東京タワーで桜づくし】 桜前線が過ぎ去り、少しずつ新緑が芽生え始めた桜の木。 葉桜もまた、違った魅力を感じますね。 まだまだお花見を楽しみたいと...



【デジタルアートで演出した特別な空間で感動のサプライズ・プロポーズ】 �一生に一度のプロポーズを、一生思い出に残る特別なものにしたい…。 そんな想いで、一人の男性が彼女に内緒で日本橋三井ホールにて...



【FLOWERS by NAKED桜便り:香りで楽しむ春の桜】 本日のテーマは「春を楽しめる香り」。 アロマブランド「@aroma」とコラボ開発し、「FLOWERS by NAKED 2017 ー...



【春を届ける「FLOWERS by NAKED桜便り」】  先月、大盛況のうちに幕を閉じた「FLOWERS by NAKED 2017 ー立春ー」は、約10万人のお客様にご来場いただきました。本当に...



【I-PRIMO×「FLOWERS by NAKED 2017 ー立春ー」サプライズプロポーズ メイキングリポート(3)】 サプライズ当日に向けて、怜奈さんに内緒で事前の準備を進めてきた雄己さん。 ...



【「FLOWERS by NAKED 2017 ー立春ー」本日で終了/皆様ありがとうございました】



Information of Media-メディア掲載情報-




まだ寒い冬の世界に立春(春の始まり)が訪れた『FLOWERS by  NAKED』への入り口。プロジェクションマッピングで彩られた、約2m×約3mの本型のオブジェBig Bookと花々のオブジェBig Flowersが昨年よりもさらに増え、来場者を迎えます。

The gateway to FLOWERS by NAKED, where spring has come knocking at the door to a world that is still ensconced in the winter cold. Visitors will be greeted by projection mapping on an approximately two- by three-meter-large book-shaped object entitled Big Book and more Big Flowers than were brought in a year earlier.



Big Flowersを抜け、段々と花たちのミクロな世界へ。壁の前に立つと、バラ、パンジー、カラーなど27種類の花の中から、自分の花が1輪咲き、花言葉を教えてくれます。来場者それぞれ、どのような花が咲きどのような花言葉が届くのかは、歩いてみてからのお楽しみ。今年は、ラグジュアリーブランド「PIAGET(ピアジェ)」とコラボしたピアジェローズも特別に登場。「好き、嫌い…」と花びらを一枚一枚千切る花占いを現代的に解釈した、花と遊ぶインタラクティブアートです。

Past the Big Flowers, visitors will gradually enter a microworld of flowers. When they step up to stand in front of the wall, a single flower out of twenty-seven flowers—roses, pansies, calla, and more—will bloom before their eyes and tell them what it symbolizes. The flower that will bloom for each visitor and its meaning will be a surprise. This year, the event will also feature Piaget Rose, a collaboration with the luxury brand Piaget. It will be an interactive work of art that offers a modern interpretation of plucking the petals off a daisy: “He loves me, he loves me not…”




An interactive work based on the childhood pastime of blowing the white floaties around the seeds of a dandelion. Blow on the dandelions in the transparent six-meter-wide cylinder and projection mapping will make beautiful white fluff float about. Projections of the floaties dancing through the air can be enjoyed, not only by visitors who are standing inside the object, but also those outside it. And when the “spirit of spring” that will be walking around the venue passes by, a flurry of cherry blossoms will occur to celebrate the arrival of spring.




A serene winter garden of flowers where everything is frozen. The world is dark after usui, an Asian solar term for a mid-February day when rain becomes more common than snow, as it awaits the spring equinox. Scattered in the air around the preserved flowers and floral objects in this installation are atoms before they take on life forms. Rays of light flow into the flowers and expand, reminding viewers of the ways of the spreading sun.

No.05 立春

No.5 First Day of Spring

日本三大流派のひとつである、いけばな草月流とネイキッドによる新作。草月流の象徴とも言われている竹を130本、1440枚使った大胆な作品となっています。茜家元は、先代家元が創造した竹火山を1 6割にすることで、力強さのなかで繊細でしなやかな表現を持ち込みました。その繊細な竹が生み出す大きなうねりと複雑な表情を持った作品に、自然の命が眠りから覚め、春の風が呼び覚まされて春一番を運んで来る様子を映像で表現しています。

A new collaboration between the Sogetsu School of ikebana and Naked. A bold work that uses 1,440 sheets and 130 pieces of bamboo, which is said to be symbolic of the Sogetsu style. Akane Teshigahara, Iemoto of the Sogetsu School, has employed 16 cuts to the Take Kazan (bamboo volcano) created by her predecessor to generate a delicate, pliant expression within the strength presented. Expressed in the video on the work that shows large undulations of the delicate bamboo and their intricate appearance are the ways in which natural life is awakened from sleep and the breezes of spring are revived as they bring in the first winds of spring.

No.06 桜彩

No.6 Ohsai

今回のコンセプトでもある「日本一早いお花見」を司る桜のインスタレーション。昨年の約2倍の規模に広がった空間には、本物の桜と、特殊な和紙を桜の花に型抜きした巨大な桜のオブジェが頭上に広がります。プロジェクションマッピングで桜の花びらが舞い、様々な表情を見せます。ファッションデザイナー 丸山 敬太氏が創作した「春の精霊」が起こした春一番が吹くと、新緑が芽吹きます。花のオリジナルカクテルや、厳選された日本酒、甘味を味わいながら、都会ならではのお花見をお楽しみください。

An installation of cherry blossoms that serves as a key feature of the event concept, “be the first to enjoy this year’s cherry blossoms—right here in Nihonbashi”.
Enhanced to about double the scale of last year’s event, the work includes real flowers and a huge object composed of cutouts of special Japanese washi paper carved in the shapes of cherry blossom petals that spreads overhead. Projection mapping makes the cherry blossoms waft in the air with an array of expressions. A “spirit of spring” that has been created by fashion designer Keita Maruyama induces a spring storm to blow through, which prompts new green leaves to sprout from their buds.
Relax with an original floral cocktail, choice Japanese sake, and sweets and savor a cherry blossom viewing experience that can only be found in the city.

No.07 “THE SECRET”of the secret garden

No.7 THE SECRETS behind the secret garden

会場の最後には、FLOWERS by NAKEDの世界を司る秘密の実験室が出現。色鮮やかな試験管やボトルが並び、これまで体験してきた作品がここで生成されているかのような鑑賞をお楽しみいただけます。会場内のいくつかの作品のために開発された花のアロマで香りも楽しめ、このアロマオイルはグッズとしても販売いたします。

In the last part of the venue is a secret laboratory that is behind the world of FLOWERS by NAKED. Colorful test tubes and bottles are aligned in this section, stirring the imagination of visitors that this is where the exhibited works had been created. They’ll be able to enjoy the floral aromas that were developed for several of the displays, which will also be available for sale.


Exhibition Overview

会期 2017.02.02THU-3.20MON
会場 日本橋三井ホール
アクセス 東京メトロ 銀座線・半蔵門線「三越前」駅直結 A6 出口 ※GoogleMapに遷移します ※内蔵のマップアプリが起動し、ルートを表示します
開催時間 10:00〜20:00
公式SNSアカウント @FLOWERSbyNAKED flowersbynaked
主催 FLOWERS by NAKED製作委員会
企画/演出 NAKED Inc.
特別協力 いけばな草月流
協賛 ネスレ日本株式会社、PIAGET、プリモ・ジャパン株式会社、三井不動産株式会社
協力 JA全農山形 と おいしい山形推進機構、AROMATIQUE、PETAL Design MEGU、アットアロマ株式会社、株式会社サンセルモ、東京堂、フロールエバー株式会社、丸山敬太
テーマソング 大塚 愛「サクラハラハラ」


<イベントご来場に関するお問い合わせ> FLOWERS by NAKED 事務局 平日 11 時 ~18 時 (イベント開催中は開催時間に準ずる) TEL:03-6380-9102


<取材についてのお問い合わせ> 株式会社ネイキッド TEL:03-5790-5191


Event Period February 2, 2017 (Tue) – March 20, 2017 (Mon)
Venue Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall
2-2-1 Nihonbashi-Muromachi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Floors 1 through 5, COREDO Muromachi
(Entrance on 4F)
Access Connected directly from A6 exit at “Mitsukoshimae” subway station on Tokyo Metro Ginza and Hanzomon Lines ※Jump to Google Map ※The embedded map app will be launched and show the route.
Opening Time 10:00〜20:00
*Admission Until 19:30
*Open everyday during the period
Official social media account @FLOWERSbyNAKED flowersbynaked
Organizer FLOWERS by NAKED production committee
Planning/Direction and choreography NAKED Inc.
Special support Ikebana Sogetsu School
Sponsors Nestlé Japan Ltd., PIAGET, Primo Japan Inc., Mitsui Fudosan Co., Ltd.
※Japanese syllabary order
Supported by AT-AROMA Co., Ltd., Keita Maruyama


<To inquire about attending the event, contact:> FLOWERS by NAKED administration office; available weekdays from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
(Business hours will conform to exhibition hours during the event period.) TEL:03-6380-9102

For Members of the Media

<To inquire about coverage, contact:> NAKED Inc. TEL:03-5790-5191

Theme Songテーマソング

FLOWERS by NAKED-立春-公式テーマソング

FLOWERS by NAKED – Official theme song for First Day of Spring


Sakura Hara Hara (cherry blossoms aflutter)


FLOWERS by NAKEDの今作もまた、夢の中の現実のような自由な世界。

言葉などなくとも、 花達が伝えてくれるメッセージを是非受け取りに行ってみてください。

大塚 愛

I have a love for “intervals” – or things between the lines that are vague.
It’s because these are alive, and they’re things that aren’t tied down by anything, you can’t grab a hold of them, and they change form from day to day.

The work presented by FLOWERS by NAKED is another world that’s free, like a reality within a dream.
I think it’s a work that will let you savor the seasons as it prompts you like a gentle flow.

Come and receive the messages of the flowers where there’s no need for words.

Ai Otsuka

Past Case Studies-過去事例集-

Previous Works

Past Case Studies-過去事例集-

Previous Works


The Secret Garden


Venue: Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall

FLOWERS by NAKEDの初開催イベント。生花、オブジェ、映像、インタラクティブ、香り、飲 食...など、様々な演出を通して、五感で楽しむ花のイベントとして大好評を受けながら幕を閉じた。約1ヶ月の開催期間ながら約7万人以上を動員、Instagramではイベント名のハッシュタグが 10,000件以上投稿された。

The first hosting of FLOWERS by NAKED. An event of flowers to be enjoyed with all five senses, featuring fresh flowers, art objects, video imagery, interactive initiatives, scents, and refreshments, drawing to a close amid tremendous acclaim. More than 70,000 visitors are estimated to have attended the month-long event, with steps taken to limit admission on the final day due to enormous popularity. More than 10,000 posts were made on Instagram with the event hashtag.


Paradise of Enchantment


Venue: Tokyo Midtown Hall

FLOWERS by NAKED、第二回目開催となるイベント。秘密の花園とは違い、南国に見られる植物や花からインスピレーションを受けていて、イベント名にもあるような「魅惑の楽園」を体現したアート空間。前回同様Instagramで10,000件以上の投稿が上がるなど盛り上がりを見せ、夏ならではのFLOWERS by NAKEDを多くの来場者が楽しんだ。

The second hosting of FLOWERS by NAKED. Unlike the Secret Garden, Paradise of Enchantment had been inspired by plants and flowers found in southern countries and was created as a venue filled with art where people could experience exactly as the title said: A Paradise of Enchantment. FLOWERS by NAKED was attended by many visitors as a perfect event for the summer season.

About us-概要情報-




Ryotaro Muramatsu,

クリエイティブカンパニーNAKED Inc.代表。大阪府堺市出身。大阪芸術大学客員教授。環境省が認定した日本一の星空の村「阿智村(あちむら)」阿智★昼神観光局のブランディングディレクター。TV/広告/MV/空間演出などジャンルを問わず活動。長編/短編作品と合わせて国際映画祭で48ノミネート&受賞している。代表作として、東京駅3Dプロジェクションマッピング『TOKYO HIKARI VISION』など。これまでのイベント通算動員数は130万人を超える。アーティスト本&作品集「村松亮太郎のプロジェクションマッピング SCENES by NAKED」がKADOKAWAより発売。最新作として、表参道ヒルズにて「SWEETS by NAKED」、渋谷ヒカリエにて「TOKYO ART CITY by NAKED」を開催した。

Representative for the creative company NAKED Inc. A native of Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture, and a visiting professor at Osaka University of Arts. Branding director for Achi★Hirugami Tourist Bureau in “Achi Village”, recognized by the Ministry of the Environment as “the best place in Japan to see the stars”. Actively engaged in various initiatives regardless of genre: television, advertising, music videos, spatial design, and more, Ryotaro has received forty-eight nominations and prizes at international film festivals for his full-length feature and short works combined. One example of his work is “TOKYO HIKARI VISION”, a 3-D projection mapping at Tokyo Station, and a collection of his work has been compiled in a book, “SCENES by NAKED, projection mapping by Ryotaro Muramatsu”, published by KADOKAWA. Events being held this winter include “SWEETS by NAKED” at Omotesando Hills and “TOKYO ART CITY by NAKED” at Shibuya Hikarie.

Direction by



NAKED Inc. was established in 1997 when visual directors, designers, CG directors, and writers came to work with Ryotaro Muramatsu and created a creative company.
Ryotaro continues to be active in film, advertising, television, art installations, and various other endeavors, regardless of the medium or genre. He has also been combining various technologies, art fixtures, direction and choreography in recent years, beginning with projection mapping, and has been working on the comprehensive direction and choreography of space through the use of light. Events and shows that he has planned, produced, and directed have brought in more than 1.3 million people in total.